Business Transactions & Consulting

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Owning a business is such a satisfying experience. Your business allows you to work for yourself as you learn and grow within an industry that genuinely fulfills your passions. All that said, running a business is more than just about transactions and providing goods or services, as many legal aspects must be considered to ensure that the company's operations are acceptable under the law. As an owner, it may be challenging to understand the legal aspects of business transactions, which is why the team at Great Lakes Legal Group PLLC is here to assist with our business consulting services! 

Our law attorneys have years of combined experience providing legal assistance and consulting to businesses in Michigan so they can rest assured that operations are fully legal and working in their best interest. We strive to help our clients make the most of their company, as our goal is to put more money into your pocket while helping you avoid the potential legal troubles that come with a business. Contact us today to get started! 

Contracts and Other Legal Documents

As a business owner, there will come a time when you are confronted with a contract or other legal documents that can either make or break your profits. Whether it has to do with a supplier, manufacturer, or customer, it is important that you fully understand your contract to ensure that your business is safe throughout the terms. Our team of attorneys can help you draft, negotiate, and review a contract so that you know exactly what it is you are getting into. This is the best way to avoid any legal action in the future while making sure that your business is benefiting from the relationships it holds with partners. 

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Are you having trouble knowing where to take your business? Is your company not panning out the way you thought it would? If so, our consulting services give you the opportunity to turn things around or to continue thriving in the industry. We can provide counsel over ongoing operations and compliance issues, help you establish a new business entity, assist with the various form agreements of your business (operating, buy/sell, shareholder, partnership, etc), and create a plan for dissolution or winding down. 

New Business Formation

If you are not currently a business owner but are planning to establish a business, we can help guide you with our new business formation services. We know that you may be excited to open your new business, but it is critical that you narrow down all legal aspects before beginning. We can assist you to determine:

  • The appropriate business entity 
  • The type of legal entity to use for your business
  • A name 
  • Planning agreements among owners
  • And much more! 
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The Importance of Our Partnership

When running or starting a business, it is vital that you operate fully under the law as this helps you avoid legal complications. Whether you are dealing with fellow owners, employees, business operation partners, customers, or any other party, we can help narrow down the best course of action so that your business is safe throughout the entire process. Rest assured that we have your back as our goal is to help you thrive and grow within your industry!

Business transactions are an everyday aspect of owning your business, so it is important to partner with a team that can help you understand everything that comes your way. Our law attorneys at Great Lakes Legal Group PLLC are ready and willing to help you with transaction assistance and consulting. Contact us today to get started.