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At  Great Lakes Legal Group, our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective legal counsel in situations where an adversarial dispute is present. While our team is always prepared to provide representation during court, we also recognize that not all matters may be appropriate for litigation and that other forms of conflict resolution, including mediation, could prove beneficial for both parties involved. 

Whether in the business world or personal, disputes tend to arise due to a variety of factors, including differences of opinion. At Great Lakes Legal Group, our first approach is to resolve these disputes in a timely, business-like manner, conventionally with mediation. If you are experiencing a dispute where you believe legal action needs to be taken, don’t hesitate to reach out to our mediation lawyers today!


Meet Our Mediation Lawyer

Attorney Ayanna Alcendor is our approved civil mediator, certified by the Michigan State Court Administrative office, who is dedicated to protecting your legal interests while also providing a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to the formal litigation process. As a member of the Oakland and Wayne County Criminal Bar Associations and Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Alcendro has worked with an expansive network of attorneys, gaining incredible and invaluable insight into Michigan’s legal system, to provide you with the best legal mediation services.

What Is Mediation?

As mentioned above, mediation is an alternative method of conflict resolution, specifically a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). During mediation, both parties of the lawsuit at hand (or potential lawsuit) meet with a neutral third-party mediator to settle or resolve the issue outside of court. The primary job of the mediator is to listen to both sides of the evidence while helping each party gain an understanding of the other’s perspective and facilitate a fair negotiation of a voluntary settlement or resolution in the interest of both parties.


The Mediation Process

Mediation is typically more informal than a traditional litigation hearing, but still tends to follow this basic process structure:

IG-The Process of Mediation_

After the formal introductions, the mediator lays the groundwork for the rules and expectations of this meeting. For example, a negotiated agreement of the dispute at hand. After these introductions and expectations are made, the opening remarks begin with each party’s mediation lawyer offering their views of the dispute, as well as emotional feelings towards the issue. Next, a discussion takes place between the mediator and parties where each may ask questions to further understand the problem. During this stage, mediators often repeat back what they have heard or ask for further clarification to add clearer evidence to the dispute. The mediator may also choose to have individual meetings with each party and their respective mediation lawyer or attorney, with the information remaining confidential. Lastly, the mediator will help to cultivate ideas and propose a settlement or agreement between the parties.

Depending on the complexity of the dispute or situation, this process can last anywhere from an hour or two, or possibly longer. If the mediation process is successful, the mediator will provide written summaries of the settlement and/or agreement for both parties to sign. In cases where mediation is not successful, with each party not reaching an agreement, the parties will have the opportunity to move on to the formal litigation process.  If you think mediation is a good alternative for your legal situation, please reach out to our mediation lawyer in Michigan to further discuss your options.

Advantages to Mediation

Settling a dispute through mediation rather than litigation not only saves time and money but also provides these great benefits:


Greater Control

Each party is directly involved in negotiating their settlement. No settlement can be forced upon you, whereas in traditional litigation, what the judge rules stands.


Increased Confidentiality

If your dispute goes to trial, everything that is brought up is potentially made public knowledge. Mediation provides a private, confidential setting where both parties can agree.



Any party may withdraw from the mediation process at any time for any reason.


Added Convenience

The mediation meeting is arranged at a time that is convenient and suitable for both parties, as well as an agreed-upon location with adequate room for private counsel.


Reduced Costs

Traditional litigation costs can be unpredictable. Mediation is a much more cost-effective dispute resolution option.



When participating in mediation, the mediator acts as a neutral third party, providing understanding and support to both parties.


Faster Outcome

Mediation is a great dispute resolution option that can be deployed early on in a disagreement, and oftentimes, an agreement is reached without a long, lengthy court trial.


Preservation of Relationships

Mediation can encourage healthy communication, where the situation can be resolved amicably, saving the relationship from further attack.


In Need of a Mediation Lawyer in Michigan?

If you are looking for a mediation lawyer in Michigan, Great Lakes Legal Group can help keep your interests a priority throughout each stage of the mediation process. Keep in mind that the process of mediation focuses on solving problems efficiently and economically — taking into account the costs of litigation, for instance, rather than focusing on uncovering the “truth” or seeking to impose known legal standards. Rather than traditional litigation, the merits of the dispute in addition to other non-legal factors are considered and outlined by a trained mediator. If you believe mediation is right for you, contact our legal team today!

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