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​Great Lakes Legal Group is widely recognized for its litigation successes.

Our attorneys work with clients to tailor litigation strategies that fit their specific objectives. Our law firm handles civil litigation matters in both State and Federal Courts with the goal of achieving the best outcome for you. We recognize that, because none of our clients are in the ‘business of litigation’, a winning strategy often does not mean “winning” at all costs. Sometimes, the best approach is to negotiate a swift resolution at the outset, in order to avoid protracted litigation (which can be expensive and create bad press). Our attorneys have demonstrated the full range of command required in a wide variety of cases, including contract disputes, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, insurance matters, and constitutional law issues.

​We handle litigation matters for both individuals and businesses.

At Great Lakes Legal Group, the real difference is honest and direct discussion, creative solutions, and utilizing calculated strategies designed to reach your goals. We can evaluate your claim, its likelihood of success, as well as other important factors that impact your decision-making. Don’t let the frustration of litigation prevent you from selecting appropriate counsel. Reach out to us and we can help you navigate the process.

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Our experienced and collaborative legal team’s knowledge and capabilities cover:

Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation
The attorneys at Great Lakes Legal Group regularly advise our clients on a wide array of employment law matters.

We aggressively represent plaintiffs and defendants in employment cases in administrative agencies (including the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) and Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) and within State and Federal Courts. Employment disputes can cover a wide arrange of issues—the following is just a small sample of what we can assist with:

  • Employment discrimination litigation: addressing claims pertaining to race, sex, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, color disability, and any other legally protected category
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Claims
  • Restrictive Covenant Claims: involving non-compete and non-solicit claims
  • Workforce restructuring
  • Independent Contractor and Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Claims
  • Payment of wage claims
  • Disputes over unfair labor practices

​Our unique experience gives us an advantage in representing you during your employment dispute. Our work on both the plaintiff and defense sides allows us to more quickly identify the holes in our opponent’s case and get the best results.

In the modern world, operating a company can be a very complex and risky endeavor.

With countless operational and business factors to consider, legal issues will undoubtedly arise. Disputes and litigation have the potential to seriously disrupt your business operations. The outcome of commercial litigation, whether your case is being settled or you proceed to a full trial, can have a great impact on the business operations and future success of a company. The primary challenge in most of these matters is determining what happened and gathering evidence to prove your case. To get your case started on the right track, it is important to seek out skilled legal representation. We are always focused on helping businesses of all sizes reach solutions in a cost-effective manner. We will explain your best options and whether going forward with litigation is right for the specific needs of your business. We strive to take the burden of litigation off your shoulders—because we want you to focus on your business. At Great Lakes Legal Group, our litigation practice includes representation in the following areas:

  • Business Litigation: Including breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and employee disputes
  • Contract disputes: This can include employment contracts, real estate contracts, licensing, and other business matters
  • Business Owner Disputes: Including violation of contract terms, fraud, or misrepresentation.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Property Insurance Litigation

Property Insurance Litigation
We represent insureds across a wide range of disputes.

We counsel parties regarding their rights and options under applicable policies, as well as fully litigate issues relating to coverage and liability. We bring a real-world practical perspective to our advice.

Insurance companies owe a duty of “good faith and fair dealing” to every person or entity they insure. This means that they are required by law to treat you fairly and honestly. At Great Lakes Legal Group, we combine this awareness with a practical focus on client goals.

Great Lakes Legal Group provides a wide range of legal services on constitutional law and related issues, that may include:
  • Advising and representing clients on various constitutional challenges
  • Formulating and briefing new arguments in the trial courts to ensure that these arguments are developed and preserved for appeal
  • Coupled with our Government Affairs experience, we can work on developing constitutional and policy arguments on proposed legislation and regulations. We also analyze and propose legislation and regulations from legal and policy perspectives, and engage in other forms of legislative and public policy advocacy.

Constitutional Law Practice

Constitutional Law Practice

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation
Our deep roots within the community and our experience in real estate transaction work give us unique insights into real estate litigation.

We are capable of litigating real estate cases involving title and boundary disputes, construction claims, adverse possession, and specific performance lawsuits. Our diverse clientele has ranged from property owners, developers, tenants, and landlords.

It takes more than aggressive advocacy and trial experience to make successful litigation and trial attorney. It takes the ability to step back and understand the bigger picture. At Great Lakes Legal Group, we work to understand the client’s goals, then develop and implement a legal strategy that furthers their immediate and long-range objectives.