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We are Business Law Attorneys

Our attorneys have amassed an outstanding track record of accomplishments, particularly throughout the many challenges facing today’s businessperson. One of the most significant aspects of representing a business, whether at its early inception stages or after years in the industry, is balancing the goals of the organization with what is permitted under the law. In addition to litigation matters, we represent businesses in corporate matters, employment disputes, and negotiations. We also recognize the importance of representing businesses at every stage and have appeared on behalf of our clients before licensing bodies, state and federal agencies, as well as in court. Our experience in litigation reinforces the importance of properly drafted contracts and strategic action. The first step in ensuring that your business avoids potentially costly disputes is hiring attorneys with experience in drafting commercial agreements.

Creative and Thoughtful Counsel for Your Company – No Matter the Stage

We guide clients through their most important transactions, critical day-to-day matters and the full range of issues that arise in a company’s evolution. Clients rely on the in-depth commercial and industry experience that we employ and our ability to navigate the nuances of contract law, corporate law and business law, when handling their most complex challenges.

We utilize a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and the competitive markets in which they operate to help them achieve their objectives. Our clients range from industry-leading corporations to emerging growth companies. We are considered an integral part of our clients’ decision-making and risk management processes.

Expert counsel on all aspects of creating and operating a company, from entity incorporation through policy development, including consultation and ongoing guidance with the complex range of employment law issues that affect everyone in today’s corporate market. We regularly provide contract drafting and review across a full range of essential corporate interests and concerns. The result is a coordinated and seamless team approach that allows our clients to be proactive in pursuing their business strategies. We handle a high volume of matters—in 2018 we handled various business deals in excess of $20 million.


Entity Formation: Our law firm can provide consultation that is incomparable in its value, efficiency, and expertise. Entrepreneurs often face frustration on the front end of their vision due to generic advice, not custom tailored regarding their needs and capacity. We excel at this. Our knowledge of business law and corporate law will help you make the most informed decisions for your business.

General Contract Drafting and Review: We provide thorough review and commentary, focused drafting, and thoughtful negotiation, whatever your contract law needs. This can include early stage agreements, such as partnership, operating or joint venture agreements, to contracts needs that may arise from the cost of doing business, such as employment, license and confidentiality agreements. Even if you don’t know where to begin, you can explain to us the type of arrangement that might be suitable for your business needs, and our contract law and corporate law expertise will guide the process.

Employment Contracts: We regularly negotiate, draft and review all sorts of employment agreements, including compensation agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, general release agreements, severance agreements and independent contractor agreements.

Compliance Training: Great Lakes Legal Group can provide training for business and not-for-profit owners, executives, supervisors, and employees on how to comply with federal, state, and local labor, employment, including sexual and other forms of harassment, retaliation, workplace violence, and diversity and sensitivity. With state and federal agencies reporting record numbers of complaints being filed at their agencies by employees, the responsible employer must take steps to insulate themselves from liability for acts committed by employees and managers. Employers that take a proactive approach to employment law compliance generally have higher levels of employee morale and productivity. Appropriate compliance not only decreases liability but can also increase profitability. A commitment to serious compliance is a win-win for employers and employees alike.

Non-profit Advising: We offer the same corporate law services to our non-profit clients with the same quality and vigor as our for-profit clients. However, non-profits can often face unique challenges, as there are special laws and regulations that govern nonprofits and charities. We can help you from entity formation and obtaining 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, to implementation of best governance practices once your organization is up and running.

-Our attorneys are recognized throughout the industry for their expertise. In October 2018, Attorney Ayanna Alcendor spoke at the National Business Institute on the topic—“Top Mistakes Nonprofits Make: Keep Your Nonprofit Clients Compliant, Thriving and Free of Error!”—to much acclaim. In October 2019, Attorney Jehan Crump-Gibson presented at CoAct Detroit, a hub for accelerating collaborative action in Southeast Michigan’s nonprofit community, on Mission Drift, Conflict of Interest and other critical issues that impact 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.


Not every business in Michigan needs a license. However, a number of types of businesses are required to do so. Often times, the necessary license is issued by a State agency, which issues hundreds of licenses and requires certain filings to stay up to date.