Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Reviews

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Contracts are an important part of residential or commercial transactions as they establish legal terms and other vital information regarding the relationship between two parties. These legal documents are often complicated and challenging to understand, as they often include constantly changing dates, terms, and conditions. Don’t get into a contract without fully knowing the implications of the document, as this can be the difference between you making or losing money! 

The law attorneys at Great Lakes Legal Group PLLC are here to help you draft, negotiate, and review your contract so that you can establish terms and conditions that work best in your favor. We will guide you throughout the entire process because you must understand exactly what it is you are getting yourself into, while also providing you tips and updates on changes. Contact us today if you require assistance with your contract, or browse our site for more information on services we can provide to your legal situation! 

Contract Drafting

A contract is a legally binding agreement between parties that determines the rights and obligations that surround the transaction. Drafting a contract refers to writing down the terms and conditions of the agreement so that both parties can understand what they are trying to achieve. Our objective is to help you create a clear and concise contract that accurately represents the intentions of all parties involved.  

Contract drafting is important because it allows all parties to discuss the terms of the contract before they become legally binding. These legal documents will often go through extensive negotiations and various versions until the final agreement is made, where we will then establish the final document. Our legal team is here in your best interest, so rest assured that we will guide you towards what is best for you! 

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Contract Negotiation

Reaching an agreement within a contract can be a long and tedious process due to all parties involved having to agree on specific terms and conditions. Depending on the nature of the contract, either side can request specific changes, updates, and information throughout the negotiation period. For example, when it comes to real estate contracts, information such as the price, repairs, timeline for ownership transfers, or other issues involving the transaction can be taken into consideration until all parties are satisfied with the terms. 

Contract Review

Contract review occurs once the final terms and conditions have been agreed upon. Our team of expert attorneys knows and understands what a contract is supposed to involve and where it should lead within the transaction. We will fully review the legal documents to clarify each condition in order to avoid potential legal disputes from occurring in the future. We want to make sure that the contract works towards the interests of all parties involved, as well as ensure that the contract is well written, avoids misunderstandings, and complies with the law.

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Advantages of Having Our Attorneys Draft, Negotiate, and Review Contracts

Besides offering you the peace of mind that your contract is safe and sound, our attorneys will help:

  • Prevent a breach of contract or other disputes
  • Ensure that the contract is completely legal
  • Establish a clear understanding of the duties and obligations of all parties 
  • Ensure that the contract correctly reflects the wants and needs of all parties 
  • Incorporate beneficial information into the contract

If you are planning to get into a contract, it is important to hire our legal attorneys to help draft, negotiate, and review your legal documents. At Great Lakes Legal Group PLLC, we aim to help you make the most of your legal processes by providing you with the assistance you need to succeed! Contact us today to get started.