4 Reasons You Would Need a Probate and Estate Planning Lawyer

As soon as you’re a legal adult, it’s ideal to begin estate planning. You may think this is something to do once you’re wealthy or nearing retirement, but truthfully, the sooner you get your estate in order, the better. That’s because an estate protects all your assets, no matter how valuable. A probate and estate planning lawyer from a seasoned legal team, such as Great Lakes Legal Group, can guide you through the process. Read on as we share four reasons why you may need help from our Michigan law office.

A will and trust document sitting on a lawyers desk

Wills and Trusts

Both a will and trust are documents that allow individuals to safeguard assets and bequeath assets to specified beneficiaries. Without one or both of these documents in place, state law determines how those assets get distributed among heirs through the probate process. At Great Lakes Legal Group, we can help you gain peace of mind and uphold your wishes by putting a will or trust in place.

Powers of Attorney

A person can appoint an authorized individual as the power of attorney if he or she becomes unable to make medical or financial decisions on their own. This would allow that person to make decisions and manage affairs. We believe these are essential components of estate planning, as they help avoid probate court, so our Southfield legal team is ready to assist.

A man signing a power of attorney document
A lawyer reviewing a couples' estate with them

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of winding up a person's affairs after they die and distributing their assets to their beneficiaries or heirs. This includes valuing assets, reviewing estate planning documents, and communicating with beneficiaries. The probate and estate planning lawyers at Great Lakes Legal Group understand this is a sensitive and overwhelming time, which is why we’re committed to helping our clients navigate it with comfort.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

When an individual does not have powers of attorney or there are concerns about how an individual's affairs are being managed while they are incapacitated, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings can be filed. Our law office is experienced in handling all aspects of these processes, so we’re here to assist when you need it. We can also help individuals object to guardianship or conservatorship petitions.

A lawyer reviewing guardianship documents with a client

If you’re looking for a probate and estate planning lawyer in Michigan, choose Great Lakes Legal Group. With a convenient location in Southfield, we’re eager to serve the metro Detroit community. Reach out today for a consultation.

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